A couple weeks ago, our examination of the Brave browser platform left us with mixed feelings. The KYC process left us a little disappointed, but the browser experience, with effective ad-blocking and snappy performance, was impressive.

Today, new functionality was enabled on the Android Brave browser. Upon opening up the browser, one is offered the new opportunity to create a Basic Attention Token (or BAT) wallet to be used for Brave Rewards; tipping publishers who are verified on the platform. Android mobile users make up a significant chunk of Brave users (about 55% of Brave users are on mobile devices), so this added functionality should result in a positive spike in usage for the platform. With this new wallet, users can send tips to publishers as well as to Youtube and soon, Twitch streamers.

Upon creating the wallet, users will, of course, have a balance of zero initially. The app opens with a hopeful offering, “Check back soon for a free token grant”. Users have been reporting receiving between 25-40 BAT after setting up rewards from these monthly token grants, which are limited in supply.

From the official Basic Attention Token site:

To celebrate this new release, Brave will be allocating 100,000 BAT grants (each grant is the BAT equivalent of approximately $5) to our Android users. Grants can be received by clicking on the “accept” button in Brave Rewards.


Future plans for the browser include paying users in BAT to consume ads through the privacy-focused browser, enabling users to be rewarded for giving their attention to advertisers. This stands in stark contrast to the current revenue model used by browsers like Google’s Chrome, which shares user behaviour and other data with advertisers for profits.

The Ethereum-based BAT saw positive activity on markets today, with a hefty value increase of around 10% in the past 24 hours, building on very healthy growth of more than 80% in just the past month. The token currently stands at a value of around 35 cents USD.